Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wiarton & Pics

We made it to Wiarton today and surprise! They have wi-fi at the dock so I will be able to upload some pics of the last few days. My last update was so rushed I couldn't even run spell check. The library at Owen Sound only allows a 30 minute session, so by the time I checked my email there was little time to do a proper blog update. Today is different.
As I said in the last update, we went to a play Saturday night in Meadford. It was really interesting and fun. "The Drawer Boy" (referring to a boy who draws) was the story of two Canadian WWII vets who run a farm in Ontario. When visited by a writer they come to terms with some secrets they've been keeping for 30 years. It was a local production by a local theatre company but it was very well written, and the performances were first rate.
Owen Sound is a pretty nice small city, one of the biggest communities we've encountered in a while. We did some shopping and took a long walk along the river in a very lovely park that the city maintains.
Our trip from Victoria Harbor to Owen Sound was quite eventful. We started out with a lovely morning sail, then ran into a strong headwind, forcing us to motor the rest of the way. At one point the wind was so strong it almost pushed us into a shoal, but we dropped the sails and motored off safely. The waves were breaking over the bow at around 2 meters (6+ feet) and the nose of the boat was buried a few times. The water overwhelmed the scuppers in the vent boxes, causing a good deal of water to ship aboard, soaking our shoes and some of our clothes stored a little too low in the closets.
We're all dried out now, and today we made our way from Owen Sound to Wiarton. This is a much smaller town, but at least here we have wi-fi.
For those of you keeping track, the total mileage for the trip is now at 673 n.m. We've crossed another meridian of longitude and we're now at N 44 degrees 45 minutes W 081 degrees 08 minutes. That's almost exactly halfway between the Equator and the Pole.
Enjoy the pics, we enjoyed taking them!
We continue to meet great people - John, Joyce-Lynn, Joyce, John, David, Judith & Paul, you know who you are.

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