Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, it looks like I'm here in Driftwood cove for another day. Bev, my new crew, was held up in St. Catherine's by some minor car trouble and didn't get here last night. The car is being fixed as I write this so she should be here this afternoon.
While I wait, I'm enjoying my time here at Driftwood Cove. (I'll post some pics when I can, but it appears the photo function on Blogger isn't working today.) It's really nice, run by a couple of women boaters. The docks are first rate, I've never seen better, more expensive-looking docks. The washrooms are very nice, there's a laundry on site and a cafe with really good food.
If you are a boater and ever have occasion to stop in Port Severn, make sure you get reservations to stop at Driftwood Cove.
Last night a line of severe thunderstorms rolled through this area. There are reports of tornados, and there are a lot of trees down (including several at the marina) and the power was out all night and into this morning. The boat and I are fine, no damage. Can't say that about the million dollar yacht in the next slip. His bimimi was bent up pretty badly when the wind got under it. He'll need a new frame for the bimimi, so his insurance company will be out a few bucks.
There's an unconfirmed report or severl sailboats capsizing in the Sound last evening in the storm. All crew were rescued safely. Why they were out when the storm was predicted is anybody's guess. One large power boat was smashed against some rocks. Again, why he was out when the storm was predicted I can't imagine.
Otherwise, it does seem a bit less hot & humid today, so I won't be sweating my butt off like I have been the last 2 or 3 days.

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