Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Three Nights on the Hook

We left Little Current on Sunday and sailed to Clapperton Island. It's a small, uninhabited island in the North Channel. We anchored at a little spot called Logan Bay. On Monday we sailed to the Benjamins, a group of very old rocks. We anchored in the cove at the north end of South Benjamin and stayed for two nights. The first day we dingied ashore and climbed to the top of the rock and took some great pics of the boat lying at anchor in the cove.
The second night, we were joined aboard Walküre by Butch and Lu for an impromptu jam session. Butch brought his guitar and a bottle of rum. We sang, we played, we drank and a spendid time was had by all.
Today we are in Spanish. The marina here is very nice, and the price is a bit lower than others we've stayed at. We'll do a little shopping in town and, weather permitting, make our way to Blind River tomorrow.

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