Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ted Irwin update

Here's the latest news on Ted Irwin:

"Dear Friends of Ted,

I was updated about Ted Wednesday at the hospital. He was alert, joking with the company of his daughter and close friend Peggy, and he talked about the accident as best he could remember. Ted was on his yacht in Key West with his son Trey, and son-in-law on the hook, they had been diving for lobsters. One of his guests was arriving on the docks around midnight and Ted got in his dingy with a flash light and headed for shore. He noted a power boat heading at him and tried to warn them with his flashlight, but due to the angle of the bow of the powerboat, they did not see him and smashed into him throwing him across the dingy, but fortunately not overboard. He was knocked out and laying in the dingy. The crew of the powerboat did attend to him and towed him to the docks where emergency crews were waiting.
He was eventually flown to St. Petersburg Bay Front Medical Center where he was attended to. He suffered a fractured pelvis which required four hours of surgery, broken ribs and some internal bleeding. The surgery was successful and Ted was told he would have a few weeks ahead for therapy and rehab. A bit black and blue and some tubes in and out. He is good spirit and for all of us who know Ted, I will tell you he still has that great boyish grin and smile, and it was a welcome site today. Meanwhile, those who would like to send a card and best wish’s:

Michael Theodore Irwin
Room 532
Bayfront Medical Center
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

Please no phone calls at this time, maybe in a week.

Thanks to all who kept Ted in their thoughts and prayers

Regards from Gene "

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ted Irwin in hospital

Here's an email I received this morning from Gene Gammon, Ted Irwin's old partner.
Ted Irwin is the man who designed "Queequeg."

I was just informed that Ted Irwin is in ICU at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

I can find no details in any Florida news but a friend, Tom Casey of Blue Water Sailing mag., was informed by Charlie Morgan this morning and was confirmed.

Apparently he was run over by a powerboat in Kew West at night while going ashore in his dinghy. He was airlifted to Bayfront from the Keys.

Please pray for Ted and hope for the a good and speedy recovery.

Will update all as I learn more.


Gene Gammon

Please be careful on the water!