Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Well, we're still in good old Key West.
My computer's hard drive crashed, so I'm using the library computer until I get my laptop fixed. Most critical data were backed up, but I think we may have lost some photes. Everything else is either backed up or easily rebuilt.
We are also having a bit of a glitch with our solar electic system. I think the regulator has gone haywire. It shows "charging" early in the AM, but once the sun is full on the panels, the light goes out and the batteries don't charge. If anyone has any ideas on why that would happen, let me know.
Otherwise, as long as the weather holds, we seem to be surviving "on the hook." Finally, cheap living in a great place. Our total "dockage" costs for the last 7 days amounted to a whopping $34. ($24 for the dingy permit and $10 for the pumpout boat to pay us a needed visit.)
As for weather: 75 to 80 during the day, 68 or so at night. It rains for about an hour most every night about 2 AM, otherwise mostly clear skies.
Starting Jan 21 there will be a week of sailboat racing here in KW. Everything from dingies and sunfish up to America's Cup type boats will be racing. We will try to get out to see some of the races.
Otherwise, all is well here in paradise. As the song says "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful..."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still in Key West.

We were supposed to leave KW on the 3rd, but high winds and waves kept us here a few extra days. Aw, shucks. 3 extra days in Key West.
Actually, we will anchor out for a few days and dingy ashore. There's just too much to do here.
Yesterday, we attempted to find the "back way" to the large shopping area. We took our bikes and rode for hours. We finally found it and decided the best way is the direct way. That means fighting heavy traffic on US 1, but it's is the most efficient way of getting there. As it is, it's a half hour bike ride to the two large grocery stores. I guess that's not all that bad, in the general scheme of things.
Now...if we could just find a safe spot to keep our bikes ashore while we're anchored out...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, we took a bike ride around the entire island. Including stops at each of the beaches it took about 2 hours. Now we know where all the "modern" stores are: Home Depot, Publix, etc. They're all clustered just north of the airport, probably a 20 minute bike ride from the marina.
We also bought an engine for the dingy. I hadn't planned on spending the money, but now we will be able to anchor out more and save marina fees. It should pay for itself.
Last night we had dinner at "Pepe's," the oldest eatery on the island. It was Hemmingway's favorite place to eat and it's still about the same as it was in his day. Then we had a few beers at Kelly's, met some great people (even some from NY and NJ) and then walked over to Schooner Wharf for the "Lowering of the Wench."
Each New Year's Eve the crew of the schooner "Liberty Clipper" dress up like pirates, winch a wench to the top of the mast then lower her to the deck in time with the final count down to the new year. It is billed as "second only to New York's Times Square." Well, that's a bit much, but it was fun.
This morning we're back at the Coffee Plantation enjoying the best coffee on the island.
The weather is expected to change today as a strong cold front approaches. They're predicting winds of 25 to 30 with gusts to gale force and temps dipping to the 40's! Just our luck - the coldest it's been here in years!