Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Well, we're still in good old Key West.
My computer's hard drive crashed, so I'm using the library computer until I get my laptop fixed. Most critical data were backed up, but I think we may have lost some photes. Everything else is either backed up or easily rebuilt.
We are also having a bit of a glitch with our solar electic system. I think the regulator has gone haywire. It shows "charging" early in the AM, but once the sun is full on the panels, the light goes out and the batteries don't charge. If anyone has any ideas on why that would happen, let me know.
Otherwise, as long as the weather holds, we seem to be surviving "on the hook." Finally, cheap living in a great place. Our total "dockage" costs for the last 7 days amounted to a whopping $34. ($24 for the dingy permit and $10 for the pumpout boat to pay us a needed visit.)
As for weather: 75 to 80 during the day, 68 or so at night. It rains for about an hour most every night about 2 AM, otherwise mostly clear skies.
Starting Jan 21 there will be a week of sailboat racing here in KW. Everything from dingies and sunfish up to America's Cup type boats will be racing. We will try to get out to see some of the races.
Otherwise, all is well here in paradise. As the song says "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful..."

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