Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still in Key West.

We were supposed to leave KW on the 3rd, but high winds and waves kept us here a few extra days. Aw, shucks. 3 extra days in Key West.
Actually, we will anchor out for a few days and dingy ashore. There's just too much to do here.
Yesterday, we attempted to find the "back way" to the large shopping area. We took our bikes and rode for hours. We finally found it and decided the best way is the direct way. That means fighting heavy traffic on US 1, but it's is the most efficient way of getting there. As it is, it's a half hour bike ride to the two large grocery stores. I guess that's not all that bad, in the general scheme of things.
Now...if we could just find a safe spot to keep our bikes ashore while we're anchored out...

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