Saturday, August 19, 2006

What are the odds?

So here we are on the 16th, lying at anchor in the cove of a tiny island in the middle of Georgian Bay, sitting below reading, relaxing, when we hear a voice calling "Hello." I pop my head out of the hatch and see a guy standing in his dingy. He says "Hey, I know this boat. It's a Bolger? Right?"
It turns out that Dave is a semi-retired professional boat builder who knows Phil Bolger personally. Small world, eh?
A lot has happened since my last update.
On the 12th, we sailed to Lion's Head. The town is named for a rock formation that is supposed to look like a lion's head. It looks more like a wolf to me. You be the judge.
On the 13th, we sailed to Tobermory, on the very northern tip of the Bruce. We ended up stuck there for several days due to 10 foot waves on the bay. It's not a bad place to be stuck. It's a nice little town, sort of a "Woodstock with Water." There are lots of craft shops and restaurants lining the while harbor, all walking distance from the boat.
One evening in Tobermory we went to a pub and saw Angie Nussey, a great local singer/songwriter. Half way through her show, Bev asked her if I could do a song, and she said OK! I got up on stage and did "On My Butt" and brought the house down. Great fun!
On the 16th, we sailed out to Club Island. This is a tiny dot in the middle of the bay, completely deserted. The night sky was spectacular. Absolutely no light polution, so the Milky way was brilliant, and the stars simply amazing. We even saw a few shooting stars.
On the way to Club, we passed "Flower Pot Island," so named for the odd rock formations along the shore.
On the 17th, we sailed up to Killarney, the end of the Georgian Bay, and the beginning of the North Channel. Killarney is an odd little village. There we no roads to Killarney until the 1960's, so the whole town is oriented toward the water. All the shops and restaurants have their own docks and the fronts face the water. While at Killarney we met Lew and Karen on Vagabond, who have finished the "Loop" and are now doing an extra one-third of the loop to deliver the boat to her new owner. We had drinks aboard Vagabond and I provided entertainment.
Yesterday we sailed to Little Current. This is a slightly bigger town than Killarney, but also oriented toward the water. We met some folks from Germany who sailed their boat across the Atlantic.
Yesterday, I passed the 800 nautical mile mark in my journey. Bev has done around 200 miles.
We are now at N 45 degrees, 59 minutes, W 081 degrees, 56 minutes. We are now more than half way from the Equator to the Pole. And we still have a few more miles to go before we turn south.

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I wish I could have been there with you on your various trips