Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh! What a Night!

A lot to tell today. As previously reported we didn't go out yesterday, too much weather - see picture this post. Even today, although the wind has slacked off a bit, it's still blowing hard right into the marina. As a result, we bounced and rocked all night, still at the dock.
But that's not the whole story. Yesterday, while waiting out the cold, the rain and the wind we decided to have soup for lunch. Just as we sat down to eat it, I somehow managed to dump a whole bowl of hot clam chowder into my lap and down my leg. First degree burns on my leg, just narrowly missing certain vital spots, and second degree burns on my ankle. A little quick first aid from the kit and I'm on the mend, but what a panic "in the moment."
While sitting with my leg up, reading a book, I got a visit from Mark and Yvonne. They are a wonderful couple from British Columbia who have a summer cottage on the Lake Huron side of the Bruce Peninnsula. After a tour of the boat, they invited us to dinner at their cottage.
Mark picked us up about 6:30 in his 1965 Chevy pickup truck. After about a 15 minute ride across the Bruce, we arrived at a lovely little cottage right on the shore of the Lake. (See pic this post.) They even have a really nice tree-house, with a sleeper sofa and a loft that sleeps a couple more. Their kids like to sleep up there on pleasant summer evenings.
We were joined by their next door neighbors, John and Mary-Lou and all the kids. We dined on fresh whitefish (cooked by John), corn, rice, salad and some great wild blueberry pie for desert. I brought a bottle of the home made mead, which everyone loved.
We watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Huron. Then lit a campfire and I got out the guitar and sang a few songs.
I guess I sound like a broken record, but one of the best things about this trip is turning out to be the people we meet along the way.
Mark, Yvonne, John, Mary-Lou and all the kids - THANKS! The hospitality you showed to complete stranges is greatly appreciated.
A note to my sister - you'd have loved the place, as would Mom and Dad.

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