Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well, we slept late this morning and glad we did. We had planned to sail up to Sidney Bay today. The weather forecast called for possible storms today, but Environment Canada is almost always wrong, so we planned to go anyway. But we slept late and woke up to a nasty looking sky. As I write this the wind is howling, the boats in the marina are bouncing and other boats are arriving seeking shelter from what looks to be a serious bit of weather. So here we sit in Wiarton waiting for it all to blow over.
In the mean time, here are a few more pics, and some notes on what they all are.
Yesterdays pics, top to bottom:
1)Looking past Whitecloud Island at the escarpment on the penninsula. This is part of the Niagra escarpment that extends hundreds of miles down into the US.
2)The sun sparkling off the waters of Georgian Bay. Note the angle between the horizon and the mast - we're SAILING!
3)Yours truly along the riverwalk in Owen Sound.
4)Downtown Owen Sound.
5)Sunset in Meadford.
6)Downtown Meadford.
7)Looking toward the town from the Meadford Marina.
8)Clear water - the rocks are 6 to 8 feet under the water.
9)Bev at the tiller.
10)Bev tending the lines on her very first lock.
11)Yours truly at the tiller, just leaving the dock at Driftwood.

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