Friday, August 25, 2006

Mike & Bev, Mike & Bev, Bob & Diane, Bob & Diane

Sounds like and old movie title, doesn't it. Well, last night, here in Blind River, we met 3 other couples and went out to dinner. Their names were Mike & Bev, Bob & Diane, Bob & Diane. Talk about confusing dinner conversation...Strange but true.
Today, we're stuck in Blind River, waiting out the weather. A severe storm front is approaching from the west. We've already got wind and waves a bit higher than I'd feel safe with, and with the storms yet to come, I don't want to risk a 42 mile crossing to Drummond.
As soon as the weather clears, we'll make that crossing and head for Drummond, Michigan. Back in the USA. It will be nice to see money that looks like money instead of Monopoly money.
On the 23rd, we stopped in Spanish Ontario. This was the farthest north our trip will take us. We were at 46 degrees, 11 minutes north latitude. From here on through January our course will be southbound.
The internet connection here at Blind River seems to work better than at Spanish, so I'll try uploading a few pics.

1)The Famous North Channel Fog.
2)The Rock, from the water. The rocks on this island are the oldest in the world; older than the Rockie Mountains or the Alps.
3)"Playfair" - one of 2 "summer camp" boats for teens.
4)Bev on the Rock, S. Benjamin.
5)South Benjamin Island, from the top of the rock.
7)Logan Bay, Clapperton Island.

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