Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Owen Sound & Meadford

Just a quick update today.
Bev and I traveled from Voctoria Harbor to Meadford on Saturday. It was a 50 mile haul but we made it. The wind was nonexistant so we had to motor most of the way, but we got there. No sooner did we get there but we found there was a theatre giving live performances and tickets were still available. So we saw a play "The Drawer Boy," which was interesting and fun.
Yesterday, we set out for Owen Sound. The first half of the day was glorious as we sailed all morning. By afternoon, we had made the turn into the sound, and the wind picked up and almost drove us onto a lee shore. We had to power off but made it safely. The waves were breaking over the bow. They said it was 1 to 2 meters, and I think it was at least that. I found out that I can't leave the vents open in seas like that as the waves overwhelmed the dorade boxes and water shipped in through the vents. Live and learn.
We made it safely to Owen Sound where there happens to be a Yamaha dealer. My propeller had taken a few hits during my trek through the canals so I had it straightened and bought a spare.
Tomorrow we will try for Wiarton, weather permitting.
All are safe and sound. We're having fun and meeting some great people.

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