Thursday, August 10, 2006

For those who are wondering

Yes, we've decided NOT to do the 30,000 islands. Why? Well the 100,000 rocks that lurk just under the surface there had something to do with it. That, and the fact that there would be little opportunity for SAILING in those narrow channels. We've decided to do the Bruce Pennisula which will offer more open water and better chances to get some sailing done. It also has several places where we can anchor for the night. It should also be a faster route to Killarny and the North Channel. Fall is coming and we don't want to be too far north when the cool weather sets in.
All this was decided at the last minute, so...apologies to folks who were waiting for pictures of the 30,000 islands. I hope that the scenery we will be showing you will make up for it.
We will be passing Lion's Head and Flower Pot Island, so those pics ought to be spectacular. Look for them in a few days.
After tonight, I don't know when there will be access to the net again, so please be patient.
To family and friends: we're fine, don't worry, we pick our weather and always take good safety precautions like harnesses and jacklines and PFD's.
So...until next time - Bye!

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