Sunday, August 20, 2006

Little Current

Sitting here in the Anchor Inn (with free Wi-Fi - thank you folks) sipping on some coffee waiting for the wind to die down a bit so we can make our way over to Clapperton Island and the Benjamins. These are small, uninhabited islands that are known for having good anchorage. There are very few ports with marinas for the next hundred miles or so, so good anchorages are important.
Yesterday we met Roy Eaton who runs a service called Cruisers' Net. Each day at 9 am he reads the news, and receives updates from cruisers all over the Little Current area. He also relays messages boat to boat if the boats are out of radio range with each other. He came down and looked at the boat yesterday, and today he made nice comments about us on the program. See - I told you we were famous.
There is NO cell phone service here, so if you don't hear from us or if you can't reach us for the next few days, don't worry, it's just poor cell coverage.
The weather pattern here seems to work like this: you get 2 or 3 really beautiful days, with light winds and clear skies, followed by a day or 2 of rain and gale force winds. Then it repeats. Yesterday, and especially last night, we had the rain and the wind. Now today, the wind is starting to diminish and the sky is clear. The next storm day should be Thursday. By then we should be safely tucked into the marina at Spanish. Once it clears we'll head for Blind River, then make the 42 mile crossing to Drummond Island, Michigan. Yes - Michigan. As in USA.
Spanish will be the farthest north we will be for the entire trip. From then on, it will be "downhill" as we make our way south for the winter.

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