Monday, June 12, 2006


What a blast! Took the boat out to do some testing of the rig at higher wind speeds. The winds were predicted to be 20-25 mph, with gusts over 30. I put 2 reefs in the main and went out for a couple of hours. WOW! I knew we were blasting along, but when I got pack to port and reviewed the GPS log, it registered a maximum speed of 9.5 knots. Even if you figure that I had the current in my favor, that still means a through-the-water speed of over 7 knots.
Not bad for a home made boat, huh?
The people who are buying my house are closing on the sale of their old house this Tuesday. This means we should be able to close on my house Wednesday or Thursday. Later than I had hoped, but still within my window. It will mean that I have to finish getting the boat ready in the next couple of days, so I can set out as soon as the house closes.

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