Saturday, June 03, 2006

A little more progress

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I updated you. But, hey! I'm retired. I'm not on a timetable.
I have been busy. During the past week I finished cleaning out and closing up the house. Now it's just a matter of waiting to get a closing date from the buyers. The exact closing date has always been a matter of contention. First they said June 15, then they changed it to June 1, then back to the 15th, now they say "within the next two weeks." At least the lawyer has finally cashed the downpayment check.
I had a chance meeting with the buyer's wife this week. She drove by to measure the kitchen. She and her kids seemed really enthusiastic about the place.
I've also been busy trying to find a place to stow everything on the boat. The first two weeks aboard were really cramped. I had "stuff" piled everywhere. Now, Finally, it's starting to look civilized in here. Just one more section, the port side settee, to organize. Then a few things that are still in the car will be brought aboard and a home found for them.
The dingy is aboard, and seems to fit nicely on the foredeck. It covers the forward hatch, but there's enough of a hollow under the dingy to allow the hatch to open even with the dingy in place. It actually makes it a tad cooler inside as the dingy blocks the direct sun from getting in though the hatch. I just need to rig a lashing system to prevent it from moving when the boat's under way.
The solar panels are working well. Even on a cloudy day, they provide a couple of amps of power, enough to run the autopilot without draining the batteries. I have also found that I can watch the TV a couple of hours each evening, and the panels will recharge the batteries the next day. I guess that was a good investment.
Another good investment is my new Magma BBQ grill. It is a wonder. I cook on it every chance I get. It never flares up, never burns the food and so far has produced two of the best steak dinners I've ever had. The secret seems to be the dome-shaped burner element. As grease drips down onto the burner, it runs off into a pan under the grill. This seems to prevent major flare ups. The heat just churns along at a nice even pace, allowing very precise control of the cooking.
The weather has been evil. The first week here, I froze each night as temps dipped into the 30's. Then it rained. And rained. Then poof! August came and it was 85 and humid, then just as fast, we're back into another rainy pattern. Very few chances to take the boat and put her through her paces. I did get her out for two days of trials last week, just enough to get the sailing gear in proper order.

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