Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slight change of plan

I've decided to hang out in Brewerton another day, and head for Phoenix tomorrow, and then on to Oswego later. I think it's going to be too crowded there for the holiday weekend. I needed to do some laundry, shopping and a lot of cleaning up around the boat, so today will be a good "chore" day. Tomorrow I can set out with a clean, freshly provisioned boat and take my old sweet time getting to Oswego. The weather looks promising for a Lake Ontario crossing around mid-week next week, if it holds.
It also seems like I made it here just in time. The locks from 22 down to Waterford are CLOSED due to flooding. One of the locks actually had it's control house flooded last night! And several of the other locks have their doors open, top and bottom, to let the excess water drain.
So far, the locks west of here are still open, but if we get more rain, that could change. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to head out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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