Thursday, June 11, 2009

South Carolina

We're in Charleston, SC today. We stopped here yesterday to do some shopping and laundry.
It's been an interesting few days since we left Jekyll Island. We've had thunderstorms almost every day. Some have just gone around us, but others hit us head on. Two days ago we were motoring along the ICW when we got the warning of a severe storm coming our way within a half hour. So we pulled off into a little creek and set the anchor. Kieth stopped also and dropped his anchor just in front of us. When the storm hit, his anchor dragged and he almost hit us. He started his engine and avoided what would have been a serious collision, but in the process his propeller got caught on our anchor line. Both boats came to a stop just outside the channel where a huge barge had just lost control and run aground.
After the storm passed, Kieth had to dive on his prop to free our anchor line.
That night we anchored just outside Charleston in a little spot called Wappoo Creek. During the times when the tide was changing, the spot we picked became an eddy. The boat circled around the anchor constantly. We had to set a stern anchor to keep from spinning around. It was interesting to say the least.
Charleston is a pretty town and we wish we could spend more time here, but we have to get moving if we are to make it to Virginia before July.

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