Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alligator River

Well, we're now within 90 miles of the Chesapeake. When we were in St. Augustine it seemed like we would never get there and now it's a matter of days. We're now more than 1100 miles from Marathon. Hard to believe. We've been able to travel almost every day and that has made a lot of difference.
When we were in Oriental, we met Harry, a WWII vet who has been sailing for many years. He sailed all the way to Argentina and back in a 27 foot sailboat. Now that's some sailing. (See the picture of Harry and I in this post.)
Last night we were anchored in the Alligator River near Tuckahoe Point. A nice quiet anchorage and for once, no storms. The night before we were in the Pungo River and we got slammed with a severe thunderstorm. The anchors held, and everything is fine.
Today we are in the Alligator River Marina. We stopped in for fuel and met a older lady who is sailing her 30 foot boat by herself from Tampa to Cape Cod. You meet the neatest people on a trip like this.
Tomorrow we hope to be in Elizabeth City. The townsfolk welcome boaters with a rose for the ladies and a wine and cheese party on the dock for everyone. We plan to stay 2 days and do some provisioning and then it's on to the Dismal Swamp. After that we will be in the Chesapeake.

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