Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1000 Miles

Yesterday we traveled from Moorehead City to Oriental and on the way we passed ICW mile marker 195. At that point we had traveled 1000 miles from Marathon! This puts us well over the 5000 mile mark since leaving Kingston NY in June of 2006. 5000 miles in a homemade boat. Not bad.
Oriental is a neat little town. It bills itself as the "Sailing Capital of NC." Rumor is that with a population of about 1000 people, there are over 2,500 sailboats! Two and a half boats per person. There's also a small shrimping fleet here.
Last night, to celebrate the 1000 mile mark, we had dinner at "Steamers." We had there "all you can eat" shrimp special and let me tell you, they were generous with the shrimp. Nobody went back for seconds. They served a huge plate of shrimp and they were delicious.
In Moorehead city we had a neighbor - a huge Navy ship that is designed to carry landing craft of all sorts. (See photos.) On the way to Moorehead, we were almost swamped by one of the barges that you can see being loaded into the ship. It passed us in a very narrow channel and we could not get out of the way without going aground. The wake tossed us around so much that everything that was on the galley counter ended up on the floor.

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