Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know

Our updates have been few and far between. That's what happens when you anchor out almost every night.
Our most recent marina stop was the 15th and 16th. We stopped at a little place called Cricket Cove Marina near Myrtle Beach, NC. Quite unexpectedly we really enjoyed our stay there. The marina staff was very attentive, the bathrooms were clean and the restaurant was top notch. The chef (Chef Jeff) used to be Michael Jordan's personal chef.
We stayed there two nights because as we were leaving in the morning, the engine - yes the brand new engine - started sputtering and we had very little power. We turned back into the marina and stayed a second day to sort it out. It turned out to be a bad batch of fuel.
Today we made the run up the Cape Fear River. We were hoping to stop at the state park in Carolina Beach but it was closed. So we pushed on through Snow's Cut (against the current - yuck) and dropped the hook in the bight behind Carolina Beach. Tomorrow we'll be in Wrightsville Beach where we hope we can get some groceries.
After we left Georgetown we anchored in a spot near Bucksport. We had to try a few spots to get out of the weekend traffic, but after we settled in it got really quiet and we had a good night. The next morning we left early in dense fog, slowly feeling our way along the edge of the river so we could see the trees. It was kind of nice in a way, to be just putting along in the quiet stillness of the morning.
We now have (only!) 295 more statute miles to go to reach the Chesapeake. Once in Virginia, it should onle be another few days to get to Reedville. Our friends Sande and Donnie recommended a good boat yard there where we'll haul out, rent a car and drive up to MA and NY to see family.
It seems like it took forever to get out of Florida and now we've left Georgia and South Carolina in our wake and are making our way across North Carolina!
Time is getting short so we're not doing much sight-seeing, just moving on as the weather allows. Speaking of weather - it's HOT! Like 95 with a 103 heat index! Whew! It's actually cooler in the Keys.
Oh, yeah, Bev got to see another alligator as it swam right by the boat!

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