Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a girl!

Dan and Faith (Bev's son and daughter in law) had their second child, Mackenzie Violet, on the 19th. 6# 14oz and rarin' to go.
On another note, Bev tells me I am remiss in my duties as blogmaster. I did not mention the lovely and talented Mel, our barmaid at Cricket Cove, who took such good care of us or Paul, the WWII vet who bought a round of drinks and regaled us with his stories and jokes. Thank you all for making our brief stay in Little River so enjoyable.
Last night we anchored in Topsail Sound, near Sloop Point. Once the traffic died down, it was a very pleasant anchorage, unlike Wrightsville which was a madhouse. Did those folks never hear that there is a certain etiquette to traveling through a crowded anchorage? Yikes! Those folks are just plain crazy. Don't ever go there on a weekend.
Today we passed by Camp Le June, where there is a big sign posted that states that the waterway can be closed for live fire exercises at the base. We saw some of the wrecked tanks and other vehicles they use as targets. It looks like they fire right across the waterway.
A special thanks goes out to Garth who made a trip out from his house to bring us some fresh picked sweet corn. Yum!
As always, Walkure continues to draw a crowd wherever we go. Every time we anchor someone comes by checks us out. We never get tired of telling the story.
Today we met a lovely couple from Italy who are cruising in a beautiful 40' aluminum sailboat that was built in France. They have sailed across the Atlantic, and all the way down to Brazil. What a trip!
Oh, the funny looking little house that sits right on the water is actually a floating bridge. The guy in the house starts up an engine and motors the bridge out of the way so boats can pass. Weird!

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