Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update for 12/4

On 12/3 we took the boat down river to a spot called Barron's Landing. In the early days of river development, there was a lock here. Now it's just a wide spot in the river. We anchored for the night along with Kismet III, some folks we met at Demopolis. On the 4th, we moved on to Bobby's Fish Camp, the last gas station on the whole Tenn-Tom system. It's 216 miles to Mobile and then another 15 to the next marina, so we need to fill all our tanks.
Bobby's Fish Camp reminded us a little bit of Hoppies, but with fewer accommodations. At least Hoppies had a bathroom - if you could call it that. At Bobby's there's nothing, just a fuel pump and one - count 'em folks - ONE electric outlet. We were fortunate that the other 3 boats that were there with us all had generators and let us take the only outlet so we could have heat.
We spent a good part of the afternoon aboard Breakaway, a huge luxury yacht. I brought my guitar and sang a few songs while our hosts served drinks and snacks. The sun set and the moon rose while we were singing, laughing, talking and drinking. It was a beautiful sight. The crews of Misconception and Kismet III joined us and a splendid time was had by all.

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