Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well, it was a productive day. We got the majority of the painting done. We now have our antifouling paint a couple of inches higher (to accommodate the higher loading of the boat which causes her to sit lower in the water) and we ran what had been a white accent about 13 inches higher up the hull to reflect more sun and make it a bit cooler in the tropics. Tomorrow we will paint the new Fire Red bootstripe.
Note on the pics that I finally did the permanent repair on the gouge in the bow from the Oswego Lock #3. Also note the beginnings of the new pilot house/hard bimini.
For those who haven't seen it before, you can also see the retractable bilge boards that serve as keels for the boat.
We should be able to finish the painting tomorrow, then finish the framing on the bimini.
We're under the gun because after Wednesday the lift will be shut down for 3 weeks due to maintenance. If we're not ready to re-launch by then, we'll have to wait.
Wish us luck.

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