Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Last Lock

Update for 12/5:
We left Bobby's Fish Camp at first light, through a heavy fog that was just beginning to burn off as we approached the Coffeeville lock along with the other boats that stayed at Bobby's. This is the last lock on the Tenn-Tom system, and the last one we are likely to encounter for some time. Once through the lock we entered the tidal waters of the lower Black Warrior-Tombigbee system. We ran downstream another 55 miles to an anchorage at 3 Rivers Lake. Our friends on Kismet III tried to get in there ahead of us, but found the water too shallow. They went on to another anchorage 20 miles farther downstream. We tucked into the very pleasant little cove with no trouble at all and had a very quiet and peaceful night. The only sound we heard were from the owl that had taken up residence in a nearby tree.

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