Sunday, December 31, 2006


Last evening we went back to LuLu's to listen to a family band from Louisiana called "L'Angelus." They play mostly Cajun music which seems to be a blend of country, rock, bluegrass with a bit of polka thrown in for good measure. It all seems to blend seamlessly into a joyful music that celebrates life. If you can sit still while these kids are playing you need to lie down and put a stone over your head - you're already dead.
This group started out when John Rees married his wife Linda. She always sang Christmas songs to the record. Then she taught herself guitar so she could do without the record. As each of their 7 children were old enough to hold an instrument they were taught to play.
Last night only three of the family members were there, but they were enough. There was Stephan who sang and played guitar, fiddle, pennywhistle and sax. Katie, a real cutie, sang and played guitar. But the one who captured my heart was Paige, who sang and played bass. Just watching her you could tell she was feeling the music down to her bones. She swayed to the beat and flung her long brown hair from side to side. Just look at the pictures. I could watch her all night.
If you want to sample their music you can go to their website:

If you want to get a look at LuLu's place, here's her website:

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