Wednesday, November 29, 2006


What an eventful few days it's been.
11/26: We motored 28 miles to Marina Cove. This is probably the smallest marina we've been to since we started out. The facilities are limited, to say the least. At least we had electricity for heat.

11/27: We motored 37 miles to an anchorage at Sumter Recreation Area. This was a beautiful spot. It was very quiet except for the sounds of nature - birds, crickets, etc. We saw a beaver swimming across the little bay with a branch in his teeth.
The weather has been nearly perfect. We've had some of the bluest skies I've ever seen. The kind of blue that looks like it goes on forever. "Deep blue" doesn't quite describe it, but it's the closest I can come.

11/28: We got up before sunrise and hauled the anchor just as the sky was getting bright. We had to travel 54 miles to Demopolis. It was partly cloudy, but it was still warm, near 70 degrees. Along the way we passed some fantastic white cliffs. I guess they must be made out of some kind of limestone. They were all craggy and weathered. The way the sun played on them made them really a wonder to see.

When we got to Demopolis we had some surprises. First, we found out that this week is their big Christmas bash. Last night we went to a free performance by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. They did a "Boston Pops" style program of holiday music. The highlight of the show for me was the fantastic arrangement called "Jingle Bells Forever." Imagine Jingle Bells played in the style of J.P Souza's "Stars and Strips Forever." It was a hoot.

On Friday there's a statewide competition for barbeque cooking. All the contestants will be giving free samples of their goodies. Yum. Friday night there will be a Christmas Parade of decorated boats on the river, followed by fireworks. Saturday all day there will be a street fair with craft booths and live music.

The problem is that there will be a cold front moving in over the next few days and the temps are supposed to drop into the 40's. Yuck! I thought this was the South!

Another surprise we had was meeting up with Floyd and Della, the crew of "Freddy Freddy." If you have been following this blog for a while, you've probably seen the picture of "Freddy Freddy" that I posted a few months back. Gotta luv a guy who builds his own boat a go off on an adventure cruising the countryside.

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