Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rolling along the Tenn-Tom

Update 11/25:
The weather forecast is now saying that we are getting a cold front coming in starting Wednesday, so we decided up move up our timetable and try to reach Demopolis by Tuesday night. That means doing a "double" today - 42 miles and 3 locks. That's an ambitious day, but we did it. We are now at a very nice marina in Columbus, MS.
We borrowed the courtesy car and went to dinner at "The Grill." Real Cajun-style food. Yum!

Update 11/24

A perfect day: lots of sun, temps in the 70's, no wind. We motored 17.7 miles to Smithville marina.
Bev and I took turns sitting up in the bow well for an hour at a time. At one point we traveled over an hour without seeing any signs of civilization. Nothing but trees and water. No sound but the muffled hum of the motor, the water rushing by and the birds calling in the trees.
Anyone worried about preserving wilderness should take a trip down this waterway. They will see mile after mile of nothing but wilderness. And the guidebooks say we're only just starting into the real wilderness area. Just south of here there are two stretches of over 100 miles each where there are no towns and no marinas, just wilderness.
If the weather holds we should be in Demopolis by Wednesday. The weather is supposed to get ugly on Thursday, so I'm really going to press to make it there before then. Tomorrow we cross the 34th parrallel. We're still seeing some leaves on the trees, lots of color. It's really amazing. This is the sort of relaxed cruising I was looking forward to when I started this trip - how long ago was it? Oh, yeah! June. Seems like yesterday, or ages ago. I'm really loosing track of time. But that was the whole idea, wasn't it.
One more note about the folks at Midway Marina. There are quite a few liveaboards there and they decorate their boats for Christmas. I tried to get a picture, but it didn't come too well. I'll post it here just so you can get a little idea of what the harbor looks like at night.

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