Thursday, November 23, 2006

Southern Hospitality & Happy Thanksgiving!

You'll never believe it.
We got up this morning and called the Whitten Lock to see if we could get through early. The lockmaster told us to come on over, he'd put us right through. We locked through without any trouble even though the lock was 84 feet high. When we got to the next lock, the doors were open and we went right through. The same for the third lock of the day. I guess it was a good idea to run these three locks on the holiday - no traffic competing for lockage. We had made it through all three locks and were tying up at Midway Marina by noon.
No sooner had we tied up than we were invited to a "pot luck" Thanksgiving dinner the marina was hosting for the local boaters. We accepted and brought some dinner rolls and the strawberry butter from Patti's. I also brought my guitar and sang a few songs. I guess the phrase "sing for your supper" has new meaning for me now.
The folks attending the pot luck were friendly and gracious, and several come by the boat later to chat and see the boat.
It turns out that a sister ship, Zoella, had been here a few years ago. She stayed here for about a year undergoing an expensive repair/refit. I've heard that Zoella made it on down the Tenn-Tom to Florida. We're hoping to run into her while we're there.
What are the odds? There are only 12 boats like this in the world and two have them have been at the same marina. Who'd believe it?
Here are a few pics of our day. The weather was wonderful, the food was great, the folks were friendly, the marina is nice - there haven't been many days on this trip that were better. Can it get any better?

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!

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