Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More pics (I hope) and a comment.

First, the comment.
There are those who would say "But Mike you're off your timetable, you'll never reach Key West by New Year's day. Why are you stopping at all these places along the way?" To which I answer - I'm not just blindly trudging along some predetermined path, I'm exploring. This whole journey was intended to be a journey of discovery; to discover myself, to discover interesting places and people and to have fun. There's a song that says that what we remember of life are "The Stops Along the Way."
Bev and I have discovered that we get a lot of enjoyment from stopping along the way and exploring these neat little towns that cluster along the waterfront. Demopolis is a case in point. We hadn't planned on stopping here long, just refuel and resupply and be on our way. But the town is so welcoming, and the people here so friendly, and the symphony so good - how could we not stay a while and enjoy it all? The Keys will be there in January or February or whenever we get there.
We had planned on Chicago by Labor Day, but didn't make it until October 1. SO...October 1 becameLabor Day. Likewise, whatever day we reach Key West will be New Year's day. What law says we have to follow everyone else's calandar?
Now, how about a few pics of the last few days. The connection here has been unreliable, so I don't know if they will go through. Here's one of our last anchorage, Sumpter, and a few of the "White Cliffs of Eppes."

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