Monday, November 13, 2006

Antebellum plantations & wierd cars

We spent yesterday "museuming." We started at Belle Meade, a large antebellum mansion. Belle Meade was unusual in that their main product was horse flesh, not cotton. All the major thoroughbred blood lines can trace thier origin to Belle Meade.

After Belle Meade we went to the Lane Car Museum. This is a private car collection, started by a guy who just likes odd or unusual cars.

After breakfast this morning we're going to head back to the boat. Two locks on the Tenn-Tom close for maintenance tomorrow. We're not going to get ahead of the closings, they're too far south. The locks are scheduled to reopen on the 20th and we'd like to get to them the day after they reopen. We're hoping to stop in Demopolis, AL to haul the boat, clean the bottom, do some painting, etc.

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