Tuesday, April 08, 2008


What a ride!
About midnight Sunday morning, a violent thunderstorm struck Key West. As the storm hit, a huge wind gust spun us around and caused one of our anchors to break loose. (Oddly it was our biggest, heaviest anchor.) The gust had the boat heeling over at about 25 degrees or so for a very long 10 or 15 seconds. Fortunately, our two other anchors held, and as the wind shifted, the big anchor reset itself. We sat up most of the night keeping watch to make sure we didn't drag and hit something (like another boat.)
We found out today that the storm produced steady winds of over 40 knots and one gust was recorded at 60!
The only damage happened when one of the bamboo curtains in the pilothouse broke free and slapped the VHF antenna, snapping the mount off at the base. This is easily repaired, and there was no other damage to contend with.
And the big news is - we didn't run aground or have to be towed. We held in place. Whew! But it was a wild ride even so.
We had thunderstorms again on Sunday night, but not as bad. Last night the storms had the decency to go around us. The next few days are expected to be quiet.
On a lighter note, when we got up this morning, we discovered the tall ship "Bounty" had anchored not far away. She was in town only to pick up a passenger and was back out on the sea, headed for Mexico, by noon.

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