Saturday, April 19, 2008

Conch Week

This week is "Conch Republic Independence Week" here in Key West.
The event marks the anniversary of the events of 1982. The US Immigration department, in their infinite wisdom, decided to put a road block up on US Rte 1 to stop the traffic in drugs and illegal immigrants. The folks in Key West (tongues firmly in cheek) said "If you treat us like a foreign country, we're going to BE a foreign country." Key West declared independence from the US, declared war, promptly surrendered and asked for $1 billion in foreign aid. A "bloody battle" ensued between the schooner fleet in Key West and the Coast Guard (ammunition consisting of water balloons and rotten veggies).
The "Conch Republic" still has its own flag, issues "passports" and conducts "foreign affairs" with the US.
This week will be marked with a number of events including a "drag race." (Contestants required to wear high heels.) There will also be a recreation of the "bloody battle." And of course, in real Conch tradition, there will be TONS of alcohol consumed along the way.
It's all in fun, and we'll be there. Wish you were here.

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