Saturday, April 12, 2008

A slight change of plan

and our 200th post to this blog!
Bev has been offered a temp job at the hospital in Marathon, about 50 miles further up the Keys. So...we will leave Key West around April 27th or so, and spend May and part of June in Marathon, then head up the coast from there. It will mean reaching NY no sooner than mid July, but that still leaves us a few weeks in NY and a few more in MA before heading back south. The hospital wants Bev back for next winter. That should work out nicely. Marathon has a really good harbor with very secure moorings. We won't have to worry about our ground tackle when the fronts come through. Not as much fun as KW, but KW is only a $1 bus ride away.
Today we saw an exhibit of John Lennon's art work. Yoko is sponsoring a tour of the exhibit to benefit AIDS research. The pieces are for sale, WAY out of my price range, but very interesting to look at.
It was fun, and we learned a bit of Beatles' trivia: Who was "Prudence" in the song "Dear Prudence" and why was she asked to "come out and play?"
Answer in our next post.
Also, the schooner "Western Union" has returned to her home port. She was built in KW to lay cable for the company she was named for. For the last four months she has been in Miami for repairs and now she has returned to reclaim her place as the flagship of Key West's fleet of tall ships. We hope to have some pictures soon.

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