Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Little by little

The computer is getting well again, little by little. By the next post I should have some new photos to share. For now, just a few words about plans.
As it looks now (subject to change at any time) we will be pulling anchor and leaving Key West around the end of April. It will all depend on favorable wind shifts. Right now we have near constant northeast winds which will make it tough going if we head north. We plan on taking the boat out a few times before then to "shake down" after 4 months of sitting at anchor. Baking in the sun is taking its toll on sail covers, varnish, paint and other vital stuff. Not using the engine also takes its toll as gunk builds up in the carb. So little by little, we start getting ready to get on the move again. It's a shame, because we would really like to stay here. But they have this little thing called hurricane season and I'd really like to follow the good old "BSE" rule - Be Somewhere Else!
So we will try this spring to complete the loop by making our way back to Kingston NY. While there we can visit my sister (who now lives in Middletown) and my son in Albany. I will also attempt to clean out my storage bay. (If you have need of a NEW 15 hp outboard, contact me.) From there we hope to spend some time on the Cape with Bev's family. After that we might just head back to the Keys for next winter.
For now, we're just content to be "livin' out the lyrics Buffett wrote." (A line from "Same Boat" by Eric Stone.)

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