Monday, December 03, 2007

We made it!

Well,folks, the journey is underway again!
We had intended to leave Saturday, but Tim and Julie's engine wasn't running, so we waited until Sunday. Even so, we didn't leave the dock until around 9:00. With a late departure we knew we would not have daylight to make the whole trip. Julie decided to ride with us and left Tim to take their boat up. Their boat is still not running right, so our friend Keith offered to tow their boat all the way up. With the boat in tow, their could only make 3 knots, so they ended up anchoring out for the night. Bev and Julie and I decided to press on and made it to the house about 9:00 PM.
The winds were light, and of course, out of the northeast or northwest making progress very slow. The best speed we could get was 5 knots, and we averaged only 4. In spite of slow going, it was a very pleasant trip. Julie brought "Angel" the Pekingese "devil dog." Barney rode with us in the pilothouse. We watched a great sunset and navigated the last few hours "on instruments" due to the darkness of a moonless evening. Moonrise was about midnight and we were safely tucked in our beds by then. Most of the channel marks coming in were unlighted, but Bev's night vision is better than mine and she spotted the marks quickly and we navigated the narrow channel without incident.
All in all, it was a good day on the water. It is good to be on the move again.

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Dennis said...

Hi Mike,

Good to see you folks on the move once again. Am excited to see up-coming updates and pictures.

Have a safe voyage.


Dennis Lancaster
Bellingham, WA
(currently building PCB's Old Shoe)