Monday, December 31, 2007

Barney's big day on the town.

Yesterday, Bev and I took Barney on an expedition to downtown Key West. At first he was apprehensive about his new travel case, but once he got out among the people, he calmed down and had a great time watching all the colorful characters that inhabit this place. (He did tell me he was jealous of the chickens that roam free all over town.) He came with us to the Pirate Soul Museum where we saw the ONLY genuine, documented pirate treasure chest in the world. He even sat at the bar with us and had a drink at Fat Tuesday's. Of course, being under age, he had to have water.
We're having a blast. So far the only problem is a minor blister on my toe from walking all over town in sandals. Yeah - to you folks up north - I said sandals. Much to warm for shoes.
For anyone who hasn't been here, but planning to come, don't miss happy hour at Kelly's. Best beer and wings on the island and the prices are great - $1.50 for a beer and wings are $4 a pound. It's located in the original headquarters of Pan Am Airlines and features a seaplane flying out of the ceiling!
Now the big question is: are we really Conchs at heart? Do we want to get a motor for the dingy, anchor out in the Cut, and stay here a while? Hmm...don't tempt me.

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