Monday, December 17, 2007

A harrowing day.

Here's a bit of information for all cruisers: if a cold front is anywhere in the vicinity DO NOT plan on staying at the Crow's Nest Marina in Venice. The marina is completely exposed to a west wind, and the waves coming in from the Gulf slam the transient dock with such force as to cause damage to any boat moored there. The pilings are old and weak and will not prevent your boat from slamming into the concrete sea wall. We know, it happened to us.
Fortunately, the only damage was some chipped paint and one chock that was torn off the deck and lost. All damage will be easily repaired, but I'm still a bit peeved at the marina staff for not warning me about the lack of protection from the west wind. I guess they thought I should know. Yeah, right, I've never been here before in my life but I'm supposed to know how every marina behaves in every wind condition.
Any way, we're safe and the boat has been moved to a much quieter location on the town dock.
I just hope that enough folks read this and stay away from Crow's Nest. Maybe if they lose enough business, they'll fix their pilings and may put up a warning sign telling transients to stay away if the wind is out of the west.

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Zendo Deb said...


Crows nest is a bad place to be on any given day. Getting in and out of the marina during anything but slack tide can be a struggle.

If you go in the inlet to the intercoastal, and head south (a mile?) around the yacht club there is a public park with limited dock space. You can only stay 1 night, and there are NO services, but it is much better than Crows Nest.

Just in case you are back this way...

Fair winds and following seas.