Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting moving again

Well, today the plan is to get moving again. The wind has calmed down and shifted around to the north/northeast. The down side of that is that temperatures have gone down significantly. Night time lows are now in the 40s.
We are planning a few nights of anchoring out as we make our way down the coast, so we will not be updating for a while.
During our stay in Venice we met some new friends, Paul and Laurie. They are cruising in their very unique "Dutch scheldeschow" named Verkennen. They have been following our adventure via this blog and were quite surprised to actually catch up with us. They have been sailing very much the same route we have and we had a great time swapping stories over dinner on their boat. They were a great help Sunday with our emergency at the Crow's Nest. Thanks, guys!
Also, a big "Thank You" to Pat and Peter for putting us up in the condo for the weekend, for helping tend lines during the move on Sunday, and for ferrying Bev to the grocery store.
In case we don't get a chance to update between now and Christmas "Happy Holidays" everybody!

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