Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sailing the Mississippi

Today we had a slight break in the weather, so we decided to head for Alton, 16 miles down river from Grafton. It was cold - mid 40's - but not raining and we had a light wind in our favor so we hung our canvas and did some sailing. The wind was light most of the way so we were only making 1 or 2 mph through the water, but since there is a 3 mph current on the river, we ended up averaging about 4.5 mph or so for the whole trip. A few times we caught a nice puff that boosted us to 8 mph.
Here in Alton there is a grocery store that will pick us up at the marina and drive us back so we're going to do some provisioning. There are very few stops over the next 250 miles, so we really need to stock up.
We didn't use much gas today, so that won't be a problem.
There is also a casino walking distance from the marina, so when we get ourselves thawed out we going to go and make a donation to the owner's retirement fund. (LOL)
Today on the Jim Morris mailing list I got a note with a really neat quote regarding one of my favorite mythical places - Margaritaville:

"Margaritaville is unique. It requires no passport;
there are no port fees; no customs agent will search your luggage or question
your purpose in visiting there; Homeland Security cannot bar your entry; and
there are no illegal aliens. Anyone may tie up their ship of dreams, or fly in on
the wings of their imagination."

Cool, huh? Well that's where we're headed!

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