Tuesday, October 03, 2006


We did it! We got to Chicago Sunday afternoon. It was an adventure.
We started out about 6:00 AM. By sunrise the wind had picked up enough to do some sailing, so we hauled up the sails. Of course the wind was blowing the wrong way, so we had to tack. About mid day, the wind had shifted a little and picked up. As we started to take a more direct heading to Chicago. Bev looked up at the boom and noticed that the outhaul had broken. We had to tie a reef in the sail to bypass the outhaul, and that slowed us down. The wind died off and we ended up motoring across.
When we arrived, we found that the marina (Burnham Harbor) is right next to the Museums and Soldier Field. The Bears were due to play in the evening so the docks were one big tailgate party.
It was warm so we put on shorts, made some painkillers, relaxed and watched the game. When the game went into halftime, the city put on a really big fireworks display - just to mark our arrival in Chicago! We thought that was really nice of the city to do that just for us.
Monday we spent the whole day at the Field Museum. For dinner, we went to Buddy Guy's Legends for some great cajun food and some good, hard rocking blues.
Today we're going to do some shopping - there's no place to stop for provisions for many miles down the Illinois Waterway so we have to stock up here. We'll also take down the mast and get the boat ready for canal cruising. If there's time, we'll go to the Sears Tower.

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