Friday, October 20, 2006

Chuck Berry!

Yesterday when we were at the casino we saw a poster hawking a Chuck Berry show today. We asked if tickets were available and were told it was sold out. Today we went back and asked again and they suddenly had tickets. We bought two tickets and went to the show.
It was great to finally get to see the man who invented Rock & Roll. It also happened to be his 80th birthday!
The show was in a small room, about 400 seats. We sat about 25 feet away from the stage.
One member of his band is his son, Chuck Junior. He did all the hit songs. It was a bit disturbing to see this legend have trouble remembering the words to his own songs, and his fingers are not as nimble on the frets as they once were. But even so, he still plays guitar "twice as better than I will."
Bottom line is we had fun, and isn't that what this trip is all about?

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