Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Marching to Peoria"

Oh, sorry, that was Pretoria. Well anyway, we're in Peoria, IL. We left Chicago last Friday and have been making good progress down the river. We are now at river mile 165, which is about half way to the Mississppi.
Since we got to Chicago we have only been to one marina that had Wi-Fi, and there are none listed from here to Kentucky so our next update may be quite some time coming. Today we took a bus from the marina to downtown Peoria to find a cafe with access.
The trip down from Chicago has been pretty uneventful. Most of the marinas are still open, but there aren't many boats traveling. We have run into a couple of boat that are just starting the loop from this area, one a sailboat from Wisconsin and a trawler from Illinois.
Today the weather is very cold. A big front came down from Canada last night, bringing lots of rain over night and dropping temperatures into the 20's. We managed to stay warm by running the heaters on the boat, but the alcohol heater causes the humidity in the boat to rise and this causes condensation which sometimes drips from the ceiling. Yuck! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer again, and we should be able to make it to the Mississippi by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latests. 218 miles on the Mississippi and we'll be on our way to Kentucky and points south.
We're now south of 41 degrees north latitude. It seems amazing that a few weeks ago we were north of 46 degrees.

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