Saturday, September 23, 2006

South Haven & more lumpy water

This morning we had a little break in the weather, so we set out for South Haven, about 19 miles south of Saugatuck. The sky was overcast, and we did get a little rain about 6 miles out of South Haven. The waves were running about 4 feet, but we were dressed in our raingear and didn't mind the spray. Also, I'm getting a bit better at handling the boat in the chop, so it didn't seem so nerve wracking. Just after we docked, a serious storm blew through and there was a brief, but torrential, downpour. We were in West Marine buying some really nice wet-weather gloves when the worst hit.
As I write this, it is raining hard and the boat is rocking pretty hard at the dock. I had to go out and reset the lines to be sure we were secure for the night. Tomorrow looks bad as there are supposed to be 8 foot waves on the lake. We might not get out of here until Tuesday. At least this is a pretty nice town with lots to do.
We have at least one, maybe two more stops before Chicago. We have to stop at St. Joseph to get mail, then we might go on to New Buffalo. It is possible to go straight to Chicago from St. Joe, but it's 55 miles and on this lake that's a big jump. If we go down the coast to New Buffalo, it's only 33 miles from there to Chicago.
Tomorrow, I'll post a few notes about things we did in Saugatuck and here in South Haven.

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