Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well, we ventured out on the lake today in spite of the prediction of waves running at 4 feet. The wind and waves were hitting us square on the nose so we had to run the motor the whole way. We slammed our way 15 miles south to Muskegon.
This is a very busy harbor with lots of marinas and lots of sailboats. Lake Muskegon is a pretty nice spot to take a day sail and it looks like lots of the locals do just that.
Looking ahead at the weather for the next few days it seems like we might be stuck again. There's a front coming in from the west that will bring cold, wind and rain through much of the next week. Tomorrow the wind is predicted to be out of the south again, with waves running at 6 feet. Yuck. Now the challenge will be to get to a grocery store. If we're stuck here for a while we need provisions, and there's no store nearby.
After we landed here at Muskegon, we walked over to the Great Lakes Naval Museum and toured the WWII sub SS Silversides. If we had known far enough in advance, we might have booked a night on the sub. They rent out the boat to groups to spend a night on the sub. Pretty cool, but they're booked for tonight, and tomorrow there's no one booked at there has to be at least 20 people or they don't do it.

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Scott said...

Hey there Bev, Finnaly caught up with you. You are currently touring all around my childhood vacations. I grew up in michigan, but got to these cities by land not sea.
Captain, Take good care of this sweet Lady! She is something special. I am glad she is off doing something for her.
When you get back sweety I hope we can have another dressed up night on the town to celebrate.

bye for now, Scott Alan