Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Phlash Phelps and XM

We have another fan, Phlash Phelps from XM radio channel 6. He played a song for us yesterday, and he played another request for Bev today (ladies' day.) He took time to mention the fact that we are on a homemade boat and are making our way down toward the Keys.
The XM radio really works well for us. We know that no matter where we are, we can get good music on the radio. Finding what you want to hear on FM is next to impossible these days. It's all hip-hop or contemporary junk. With XM, if you want to hear 60's, you tune in channel 6 and there you have it. You can get jazz, classical, new age, whatever you want.
Thanks to Mike (my son) and Kari (his girlfriend) for the XM radio and subscription. We love it.

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