Saturday, May 05, 2007

Parade, Jim Morris and a bird.

Well, yesterday was certainly an eventful day.
We went with our friends Julie and Tim to a parade in Clearwater. It seems that every year they have a "Fun in the Sun" parade to kick off the summer season and the end of "Snowbird" season. The floats were quite elaborate and the marchers all threw strings of beads to the spectators in the fashion of Mardi Gras.
After the parade we hitched a ride with one of the marchers over to a new club that had its grand opening. Jim Morris and Sunny Jim were there performing. I've been a fan of Jim Morris for a while, but hadn't really followed Sunny Jim. I liked the songs they both did, and bought a CD from each. They autographed them and we had pictures taken with them.
It seems that "trop rock" appeals to folks of all ages. This 86 years-young lady was dancing up a storm all night with Bev and our new friend Sandi.
On the way to the parade our friend Tim spotted a cockatiel struggling to get out of the way of an SUV. He didn't make it and was hit by the car. Tim stopped and picked up the bird. It was shaken up, and had a scratch on the side of his head, but was otherwise not seriously hurt. Bev and I had been talking about getting a bird, so we decided to adopt him. He sat on my shoulder for a long time and ate chex mix (all we had at the time) out of my hand.
Now we have to give him (her?) a name. So we decided to leave it up to you, dear reader, to suggest some names. We will be taking him (her) to the vet this week for a check up and hopefully get the gender right. In the mean time, start thinking of a name.

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