Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The bird, the play and other things

Here's a shot of the bird (still unnamed) perched on the computer, checking my spelling. (LOL). He still has no name, but I am leaning toward "Paintball" as he looks like someone popped him with a paintball gun. Bev is leaning toward "Speedbump." Please vote on what name you think is better.

The play had its last performance Sunday afternoon. It was sad to see the set taken down. That little town had been a second home for us for two months, now it's gone. It was a ton of fun doing the show. Even Bev managed to get her name into the program as the official "backstage" person. She really did a good job making sure all the actors had the appropriate props before they went on stage.

We had a cast party at the Producer's (Jim Tobin) condo. Rumor is he made his money as a financial advisor for a former US President. He won't say. But he does own the penthouse apartment in his complex and his walls are decorated with paintings done by Picaso's last living student.

I've spend the last two days repairing a small spot of delamination on the bow. I think some moisture had gotten in behind the patch I put on after the attack of the angle iron at Oswego Lock #3. As of now I've got the small patch of rot carved out, the hole filled, glassed and two coats of epoxy on. If I can get one more coat on this afternoon, I should be able to sand and paint tomorrow.

We're also packing for our trip north. We will be going up to Cape Cod for Bev's middle son's graduation for UMASS Dartmouth. After a graduation party and some visits with her family, we will head to NY so I can retrieve some stuff from my storage locker, renew the contract, visit folks, etc. We will be gone from the boat for 2 weeks. We've arranged with the crews of two other boats to watch over the bird while we're gone. It will be weird to live on land after living aboard for a whole year.

I've included a few pics of the cast party, and the scene backstage on the last day of the play.

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