Friday, May 25, 2007

Cape Cod

Well, folks, we're here. In Plymouth, MA actually. We're here for Bev's son Matt who graduates Sunday from UMASS Dartmouth.
We have a few little bits of news.
First, I think we've settled on a name for "that bird." Combining suggestions from some of our readers, my daughter included, we decided on "Barnacle Bill Buffett." That way we can call him Barney when he's behaving, or Mr. Buffett when he's not. And what's more "salty sailorish" that Barnacle Bill? (There's even a bit of double entendre with the "bill." Get it?)
Also, we sent a fax to Phil Bolger who lives in Gloucester, about 2 hours drive from here. He's the guy who designed my boat. He invited us up to his home to visit with him next Friday so we can talk about the boat, show him pictures of our trip, etc. Wow! How cool is that?

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Paceship said...

It has been a long time since we were in contact. We last saw you just before you entered Lake Simcoe, on the Trent/Severn System in Ontario Canada. We are the ones who have the Golden who climbs the ladder to the swim platform. we met in Cambellford, Ontario. We have been avidly reading your blog ever since you left Lake Simcoe. It has been amazing living your trip with you and now Bev through your Blog. Thank you for sharing so much. There are so many things to comment about, however, this is not the place... LOL. We think the name you have chosen for the bird is soo very appropriate. We are very excited for you - you get to meet the guy who designed your boat - how exciting is that? Take care - enjoy your trip - we will continue to log on and follow you and your travels.
Jerry & Judy Grant
p.s. This is a new google gmail account.