Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just a quick note.

I'm in Hastings, ON for tonight. I made 18 nautical miles and 6 locks today. That's a total of 18 locks on the T/S and a grand total of 48 so far for the trip. I've logged a total of 386.99 nautical miles. At this pace, I'll be in the Georgian Bay by August first. There's still hope of Chicago by Labor Day.
No pics today, sorry.


C Eben Franks and Jane Gould said...

Hello to Mike and Bev! Jane and Eben hope Bev is there safe and sound, we miss and love you Bev.

Linda said...

Waiting to see how the "new crew" is doing aboard the boat????? Hope all is well. We are going to miss Bev this year at school but I am sure you will have a blast with her as well. Happy Sailing! I am watching your progress!
Linda Bible